Some Points To Know About Ink Refills

For all those who are using an inkjet printer, they know that within couple of years of constant use, the cost of the cartridge will most likely surpass the cost of the printer itself. Printer manufacturers have gradually dropped the price on main hardware but, the printer consumable still stays at costly price, most especially the Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM branded ink cartridges.

To give a quick idea of this, there are brand new inkjet printers available in the market these days, which sell for around 90 dollars. On the other hand, corresponding inkjet cartridges will only cost you as low as 34 dollars in retail, which is almost 40 percent off of the price of the printer. This is such incongruence in pricing structure, which drives many consumers to go for aftermarket solutions similar to ink cartridge filament refills.

The use of ink refilling technology however in alleviating the cost of inkjet printing is still a grey area. With this in mind, it is vitally important to be mindful of the various products and services plus the benefits and downsides of solutions that are related to inkjet refills.

Ink Refill Kits

Refilling ink cartridges is no doubt messy but, there are still some other people who insist on doing it themselves. When compared to the OEM cartridges, ink refill kits would only cost you a fraction of the price of its branded counterparts. The final quality or refilled cartridge however raises questions as the self performed refilling is more vulnerable to human errors. There are numerous reports which state that after the repeated use of ink refill in consecutive months, inkjet printer kits have began to show poor signs of performance or worst, it broke down.

Ink Refilling Services

As for those who mind mess that come with refilling inkjet cartridges, there are some commercial ink refilling services available in other areas. This will cost a little bit higher in comparison to ink refilling kits but, they're less costly than the new OEM cartridges.

Conceivably, the procedures being used by ink refilling services are still subjected to quality control. Having said that, the refilled printer cartridge needs to perform consistently than when a user uses ink refill kits on their own. Nevertheless, the refilled cartridge's quality stays doubtful than the OEM inkjet products. In addition to that, individual cartridge might be vulnerable to refilling process for a number of times only. There are even cases to which after 3 refills, it started to lose quality in output.